Friday, April 04, 2003

Ok, it's time to start posting the Helena debunked stories. Here's a Reason column by Jacob Sullum, and a follow-up post on Reason's Hit and Run.
I couldn't have said it better I'm not.
SO IS THE NEW SADDAM VIDEO REAL OR NOT? I'm skeptical. But I hope it's real, and he's alive. I want him to be lynched by Iraqis, a la Mussolini, and I want it to be broadcast on Al Jazeera. --Glenn Reynolds

My week just keeps getting richer in the poetic justice department...I walk outside to have a cigarette and it starts raining again.
Saddam forgot to say Glenn Reynolds's magic words this morning. I haven't seen the thing, but it sounds like he still hasn't 'held up a copy of the NYT,' figuratively or literally. We'll see.
Listening to SECDEF, I praise God that I am not on his bad side:

Q: Mr. Secretary, do you have any information that would lead you to believe that a third party, perhaps a foreign government, such as France or Russia, might be encouraging what's left of Saddam's regime to just hang on in hopes of cutting some kind of a deal? And is there any deal available to them, short of their end?

Rumsfeld: The answer is yes and no. There's no question but that some governments are discussing, from time to time, some sort of a -- cutting a deal. And the inevitable effect of it, let there be no doubt, is to give hope and comfort to the Saddam Hussein regime, and give them ammunition that they can then try to use to retain the loyalty of their forces with hope that one more time maybe he'll survive, one more time maybe he'll be there for another decade or so, for another 17 or 18 U.N. resolutions.

And as to the second question, there's not a chance that there's going to be a deal. It doesn't matter who proposes it, there will not be one.

Q: Mr. Secretary?

Q: Mr. Secretary?

Myers: If I could just tag on to that. If that's done by other governments, the one thing you know for sure, it will potentially -- has the potential to prolong the conflict and has the potential for both Iraqi civilian casualties and coalition casualties to increase.

Rumsfeld: Which is notably not helpful.

From Pentagon Press Briefing, April 3, 2003.
An update on PFC Lynch. Check out this story of how she came to be located.

InstaPundit has more links on this.

Thursday, April 03, 2003

No more links tonight...partially because I've been busy, partially because I am lazy, partially because no news has caught my eye...and mostly because it it frigging healthy to step back once in a while, lay off the link-hopping, and think, and talk with friends, and even, as I suggested below, read a book. As I am going to go do right now...if I can get the computer turned off before I start to try to do something cool to the site. G'nite.
I got out of bookselling because I joined the Navy...apparently I was ahead of the curve there, too. Sales are off.

Buy a book, people. Turn off the war for a few minutes and read. Read to yourself, annoy your mother by reading the funny bits to her over the phone, read to your kids or any kid you can find. The war will wait. The full story will take months to play out. But books are timeless. They are an investment, not in a monetary sense (although they can be that, too), but in your happiness far into the future. Holding a favorite book in your hands is one of life's great joys. Don't knock it 'til you've tried it.
Oh my God, am I really ahead of the curve for once?

Blogs gain a small foothold
The report found that Web blogs are starting to surface as a regular information source among a small number of Internet users, but they are not yet a source of news and commentary for the majority of Internet users. About 4 pecent of online Americans report going to blogs for information and opinions.

However, the report says, "the overall number of blog users is so small that it is not possible to draw statistically meaningful conclusions about who uses blogs. The early data suggest that the most active Internet users, especially those with broadband connections are the most likely to have found blogs they like. In addition, blogs seem to be catching on with younger Internet users - those under age 30 - at a greater pace than with older Internet users."

The whole thing is pretty interesting.

Via InstaPundit.
Add Eddie Vedder to your list of musicians with dead careers...I can't get a good link to the original article right now...their server is probably way I'll send you to LGF instead, since Mr. Johnson has so sweetly provided quotes from the article...and besides, I saw it there first, so I owe him the link.

Am I the only one breathing a sigh of relief? I feel like I dodged an invisible bullet--now I should never have to hear the crap I didn't even know they were recording.

UPDATE: Here's a good link to the debacle.
They most likely will have fixed this by the time I've got it posted, but MSNBC has a headline that states:

Bush: "Vice is closing" on Saddam

I am supposed to trust for news folks who don't know the difference between vice and vise? Unless they've sent Don Johnson after him and we don't know about it...

UPDATE: I just followed my own link here and they've fixed it already. I guess Don will have to put that pastel sportcoat back in the closet.
To get the tears out of your eyes after reading the two posts below: Glenn Reynolds has a follow-up to his comments about Saddam's likely state of, well, non-being.

But let yourself be choked up for a minute or two first. It's good for you.
Ditto for these gentlemen.

Once upon a time, I couldn't understand Marines, individually or as the Corps. Then I had the enormous good fortune to be trained by some of the best...I can't say I understand them now, exactly, but I am in awe of them--the awe of admiration rather than fear--and I am enormously grateful for them. They truly are a breed apart, and I mean that in the best way...and here's your evidence.

Via just about every blog in the 'sphere--I'm behind the curve, as usual.
PFC Lynch is one hell of a soldier. I am so humbled to have her out there protecting my sorry ass.

Wednesday, April 02, 2003

I hate to post anything today after the Cavuto article...I think he said what needed to be said, and said it well. I think I'll save what I had to say...not that it was anything earth-shattering. But I can't bring myself to dilute the impact here, so I will say goodnight.
Here's another Amen, this time for Neil Cavuto (like that's a surprise).
Good God, look at these...
Oh, OK, one more.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, oh mighty Rand Simberg for making me laugh aloud on a long afternoon...twice.

Oh, hell...just go scroll down the page.
Speaks for itself. Scroll'll know it when you see it.
The dolphins CAN desert if they really want to.

Pardon the shouting.

Via Tim Blair.
Amen, Scott. Money quote for me? Once again, Thank You Merciful God for getting me out of college before the war.

Read it all.
Phil Carter defines "destroyed". Also, check this out, and don't forget the the Coast Guard.
Glenn Reynolds has a surefire way to discover if Saddam and Osama are alive or dead.
Not a war-related post!
But you'll almost wish it was...I haven't yet plugged The Center For Consumer Freedom, but they are worthy indeed. There really are folks out there who want to take peanut butter away from impressionable children.

Cruise the site and see if you don't start feeling possessive of your right to eat a Big Mac.
Military matters at The Volokh Conspiracy. I found this quite enlightening, since as a sailor I am really clueless about this stuff...
Virginia Postrel on PFC Lynch here. I'll probably say more than anybody wants to hear on this topic when I have more time.
Another choice briefing tidbit:

Rumsfeld: Sure. First of all, a plan is like a family budget. It's something someone sits down and devises, and then never lives with. (4/1)
Yes, I'm blogging from's my lunch hour but I have somebody here working on office machinery so no soup for me I gave in to the addiction. What can I say?
Gen. Myers, from briefing 4/1, talking about the criticism of the war plan as executed so far:

So there may be others that have other ideas of how we should have done it. And I -- and, you know, God bless them, that's a great sport here inside the beltway. And I suppose if I -- when I retire, I'll probably have my comments, too: Gee, they ought to have more air power.

You really, really have to read the whole thing.

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

OMG, I almost left out Steven Den Beste. Gasp! Look at this post in particular.

And with that, see you tomorrow.
OK, there was plenty of good stuff in the last day or two...I haven't caught up myself. Recommended are InstaPundit as can follow the links into happy oblivion...LGF, particularly for this link to photos of the rally in SF this weekend, among other goodies, and Jeff Jarvis for discovering what one does with prophylactics in the Kuwaiti desert.

I know that there are many worthy stories and sources that I am overlooking at the moment, but I'm still trying to catch up. Do what I do when I want a new blog to read...go to one of these places, and start down the blogroll. You'll find more good reading than you know what to do with. One of these days, I'll get the recommended reading links up, and you can do it from here.

I just have to say that I enjoyed the hell out of this last weekend, not in the least because I met a large group of articulate people who have actually thought about the things they talk about. It was a seldom-experienced pleasure to talk to people who can disagree with each other and add to everyone's understanding by so doing. I wish more people would try it.
Another amazing sight in Fresno today...the ARCO station down the street from my office has regular unleaded at 1.99. At the Pilot in Santa Nella on Sunday, 1.93. Is it possible we'll get a little relief before summer takes over? Oh let it be true...

Here's another perspective on gasoline prices.

Common sense, really.
It's raining. Hard. In Fresno. In April.

Man, I don't want to have to do all that stuff I swore I'd do...but hell would seem to be experiencing a drop in temperature...
Another entry in the this-is-just-too-weird category: Wil Wheaton is alive and blogging in L.A.
Was out of touch longer than I'd planned...I'm trying to catch up with the news & find some funny stuff to post up here...btw, the party was superior.