Saturday, April 12, 2003

Ok...I think that's it for me for the night. I'm going to try to republish the ol' archives to get the whole 3 changes I made to the template before I got distracted on there, then go to sleep. More tomorrow, hopefully. And maybe I'll find out what happened to disappearingman. I must confess to less curiosity than this probably warrants, but I've been in the game a long while now.
Go read what Den Beste has to say about what we just accomplished.
Jeff Jarvis puts out a call to "reclaim the left for liberals." Not a bad idea at all.
Well, hot damn. It looks like Russia may be in more trouble than we knew. There has to be some kind of fallout over this...we have to answer the question Rand Simberg asks in the post I stole the link to the story from: what to do about it?
I just wanted to register the fact that I am annoyed with my ad banner...all night it has been pumping out peace links. Grrr. Although nobody who read this thing is likely to buy a peace pin...if they're looking for click-through, they should have a human check the site out.

I am, for all my grouching, enormously grateful that I could get this started without an investment, so I guess I need to learn to quit worrying and love the ads.
Have you thanked a soldier today?

Maybe you should, even if you aren't a pacifist.
Jim Treacher deserves some kind of award for posting this.

This is also a great catch. Go read him. He's funny.
BTW, I was supposed to have a date tonight, but it's almost 2100 and I am still at home. Hmmm. He said he'd call today and we'd decide a time, but the phone has failed to ring. Unusual for this one so far...but I can't hardly rip into him until I'm sure there were no mitigating circumstances. A kinder, gentler Deb. How scary.
This is the most beautiful Fisking of Fisk I have ever seen, and it's funnier than hell, and you should all go look at it and laugh your silly asses off. Via A Small Victory.
OMG, Tony Blair is, indeed da man...just click here and love him all the more.

BTW, while you're there, it wouldn't hurt you at all to look around OxBlog a little. They routinely have some pretty good stuff. Although in my mind it's a shame the above story is a CNN link. For any of you who don't even want to view a page on the CNN site, here's another link to the same story.
Via InstaPundit: the emerging threat of fried chicken to the people of Iraq.
Diane has a great suggestion for the new mayor of Baghdad over at Letter From Gotham.
Bill also has some kind words for FoxNews correspondent Greg Kelly, whom my cable-less self always seems to miss on those frequent forays over to Mom & Dad's house to watch the FoxNews gang in action...
Bill Hobbs has a great roundup of commentary on the CNN debacle.

My view? Do you have to ask? I will be very, very careful that they get no more of my money. It's the only real revenge a good capitalist has. Unless they start letting us pull out the toenails of those who would abet this sort of criminality in the name of the almighty ratings race.
Ok, very light blogging the last couple of days...there's not a lot going on, and I've had hair emergencies to deal with, lol...I'm going to fuss with the template now, so if all goes as planned and I actually leave the house tonight, this will likely be it. But there will be oh-so-much fun to be had in catching up.

Thursday, April 10, 2003

There's light blogging and then there's no blogging at all...

There's tons of good stuff out there, and I have been remiss in my duties hunting it down, but this strikes me as the calm before the storm in some ways. I have spent my day thinking about how much fun the post-war politics will be, and considering the oddities of the anti-war folks. Because you know that this is all staged, just like the moon landings...

Some seem to have switched to the humanitarian-crisis angle, which I find unbelievably ironic. First it's "you can't do this without the UN," and now it's the fault of the UN sanctions that the water supply in Basra, for example, isn't up to snuff. The US-led UN sanctions, they say...

And that's a special kind of bullshit.

Common-sense checkpoint: if there were no sanctions, would anybody outside the power structure be any better off? Think about it for a moment...would Saddam have become a benevolent dictator, channeling his profits into water-treatment facilities? Yeah, I don't think so either.

I want these folks to imagine for a moment a world where there are no consequences attached to any particular action. That seems to be the one they want to live in. I go over to your house and trash your Volvo, what do you do? Call the cops, right? So the cop comes over and gives me a stern lecture, tells me not to do it again. The next week, I go over to your house and trash your Volvo again. You call the cops again. Another lecture. I do it again, and this time they tell me that I will have to suffer economic consequences, but hell, I've got enough to get by ok...I'll just cut off a couple of creditors. Let them try to stop me. I go underground, trashing your Volvo in more subtle ways. I get my friends to do it, I voodoo a matchbox replica, I hide in my basement and develop acid that will eat your paint. You discover that I am still, if only by proxy, trashing your Volvo and you damn well want me to stop. So you call the cops, and they say, well, since you can't prove it, all we can do is lecture some more. And you protest, saying things are still happening to your car, hell, just last week somebody blacked out the NO in your "No War in Iraq" sticker, and you know it's me, you know I have a lab, and the cops shrug their shoulders and say they can't help you, to go to my house and shut me down would be a pre-emptive measure, the guys they sent over to peer in the windows haven't seen anything, and besides, a couple of people in the department have been selling me supplies to make some extra money, and they won't agree, and since one of them has veto power over any action, you're shit out of luck, sorry about the Volvo...

What would you do?

News flash: not all people are basically good. Law and order is maintained because it is enforced.

We aren't talking about cars here. We're talking about a way of life that gives folks the right to be as smart or as stupid as they want to be, as loudly as they want to be so, with no fear of government retribution.

That is what is really at issue. That is what they are trying to destroy. And if you can't follow the line of reasoning from WMD to the destruction of that way of life, you haven't been paying attention since 9/11, and I don't have the patience tonight to try to explain. And if you don't think the WMD exist, there's no hope for you, anyway.

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Go read Jeff Jarvis, starting here. Glenn Reynolds is right, Mr. Jarvis is on a roll.

I am blogging too much...I posted a link to the Tim Blair before I saw it on InstaPundit. I am so scared by that. First high speed access, then a new computer, my own domain name, hosting 'off-blogspot,' bandwidth problems...heh, in my dreams. I don't think anybody is reading the thing. I need a site meter. Argh! I should have known this stuff is addictive...

Excuse me. I have to go sign up for DSL now...
So if the UN is so freaking important, does this mean it's over?

Of course, the UN is irrelevant, but still...
I appreciate the hell out of Clayton Cramer's take on the ridiculous anti-smoking ads out here in Cali. It's too bad that most people seem to believe that smoking is a special kind of evil, and most likely would not appreciate his analogies...because it's OK to say or do any damn thing you want to the smokers. You can force them to fund attacks on themselves, you can force them to fund social programs (that don't work), *and* be as rude as you want to to them. Stop and think for a moment about what kind of sense it makes not to be able to smoke in a bar (last time I checked, we did not have compulsary employment assigned by the state, so the poor bartender argument doesn't fly with me). I could go on, but I won't.

Point being, rationality flew out the window a long time ago on this topic. And the ads are every bit as absurd as he points out, but nobody cares.
Tim Blair has a great post up about his happiness at the events of the morning...unfortunately, the permalink isn't working, but it's the first post on April 10.
I think I'm in love with General Brooks. Katherine Jean Lopez over at The Corner pulled this quote out of the latest press conference. What a rhetorical talent he has...

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Thanks to Natalie Solent for finding The Dullest Blog in the World. I'm making you click twice because her commentary had me laughing as hard as the site.
The IRS doesn't have the funding to do its job. Does this surprise anyone?

Of course, the real solution isn't to fund the IRS, it's to tear down the whole system and start over. I'm a national sales tax advocate myself. For information (and a great and varied links page), click here.
This is interesting, and tabs with what I've seen, although I wouldn't think that my friends would be a representative population. Via LGF.
Support your troops: support their families.
Sorry so light on the postings...not a lot has been catching my eye the last day or so. War news gets repetitive after a while, and I haven't had the time to sit down and really sift through some of the places I usually look for entertaining news. I have been wasting my internet time doing things like trying to figure out whether I want DSL.

I feel sometimes like I am watching an entirely different war, since the vast bulk of my news comes from internet sources. And then I realized that it's the same war, but without the adrenaline rush caused by the barrage of breaking news that cable news viewers are subject to.

I am trying to frame an essay that just won't form, something about the war snobs and the honor of service, but it is just refusing to come together for the moment. Hopefully later on this afternoon.

Monday, April 07, 2003

This explains so much...
These protesters can't understand why the police would shoot rubber bullets at them while they're busy trying to impede traffic at a major port. Hmmm. Maybe because they were trying to impede traffic at a major port?

One fellow points out in this article that the San Francisco police have not used similar measures. Of course they haven't...even though what the protesters there have been doing is illegal, and annoying as hell, blocking Market Street does not carry the same security implications that obstructing the Port of Oakland does. And the greater possiblity for harm justifies the more agressive methods used to disperse the crowd. IMHO.
This headline from DefenseLINK News: Infantry Division Takes Drive Through Baghdad.
Re: the tactics of blocking traffic to protest, from a FOXNews story on the subject:
"Nothing else gets attention," protestor Johannah Westmacott told the Associated Press. "It's not news when people voice their opinions."
Does anybody have a better explanation for why we should be in Iraq?

There are many other concerns there, and giving the Iraqi people the right to act freely in protest of government policy was not our primary aim, but I still think the best possible side effect of the present action would be that the free expression of opinion would not be news...nor would it lead to an execution. I guess there's always a subset of the population that will miss any point, but the irony is just too beautiful here to pass up commenting on.