Saturday, April 19, 2003

A friend asked me last night how in hell we here in Cali could have reelected Gray Davis. Eric Muller sheds light on the question, however indirectly, here.
Dan Drezner makes the best argument I've heard for why cancelling the Bull Durham bash was a mistake:
Third, never, under any circumstances, do anything that permits Sarandon or Robbins to feel righteously indignant.
I don't think it was a mistake, really, but Drezner does, and his case is the best I've heard yet. BTW, he links to Petroskey's apology.
Maybe this is why China isn't worried about North Korea...
BTW, not like anybody cares, since you have to be reading me for the links rather than the rants, but I actually used my oven today. This is the first time--the very first time--I have ever used my own oven. And no, this is not my first apartment. :-)
Still working on the cameras. In all the war news, some of these other things have been lost. The issue came up again on InstaPundit briefly on Friday, and I decided I wanted to pull some materials together and take a stab at the subject. While I'm poking around in the ether, go read this. Then click through and read the whole thing. (Not what the prince had to say, silly, the other link!)
A former friend of mine is still peppering me with anti-war propaganda. This time he sent me Fisk. I suppose instead of using him as a source of amusement, I should probably tell him that no friendship can survive this rift, even if we have known each other for freaking forever. Oh, I have plenty of respect for differences of opinion--but taking what Fisk says as gospel shows stupidity. Then again, it's great to have such a forthcoming source of stuff to rant about.

Friday, April 18, 2003

I'm working on a post about the whole red-light camera mess, but I don't figure it's going to get done tonight at the rate I'm moving, so I'm just gonna quit now.
Just click. Or don't you trust me?
Maybe I'm getting punchy, but I found this very funny and surprisingly accurate: Dictator or Sitcom Character?

(Also via Omnibus Bill...see below for link. I will make you read my posts, [insert evil laugh here])
OMG, Gunny Ermey has a website. One could piss away hours on this...

(Via Omnibus Bill, who I had to go look at after seeing his comment on this post at Samizdata, which contained the following observation:
BTW, since we are in the post Soviet era, and they are just repeating themselves, instead of calling them leftists, shouldn't we just call them "Left-overs"?
What else? I wish I'd thought of that.)
Dean Esmay has some sane observations about the Atkins diet. Folks are, for some reason, terribly emotional about the thing. And Dean is shedding light.

Also, Megan McArdle weighs in on Atkins. She isn't a big fan, but her experiences would seem to reinforce Dean's no-diet-fits-all approach.

Not everyone reponds the same way to any given drug; why should they respond the same way to a diet? My advice: if it works, do it. If it don't, don't. And please don't spend your time obsessing about whether you'll get another year of life out of it. In a grand and unfortunate show of irony, Dr. Atkins showed us something terribly important: you might just slip on a patch of ice tomorrow. Goddamnit.
LGF also has a link to a great interview with David Horowitz.
A worthy sentiment from Charles Johnson:
The “it’s all about oooiiilllll!” argument is so tiresome by now that I wish I could reach through my monitor screen and choke the idiots who insist on regurgitating it over and over, as if their irrational effluvia were wisdom from on high.
Oh, go ahead and go for a scroll over at LGF. You know you want to.
Best of the Web is load of fun again today. A couple of choice bits:
Well, color us skeptical. We'll believe Saddam's still alive when we read his CNN obituary.
And in re: France, et al.'s distaste for the lifting of sanctions against Iraq:
To be sure, greed is part of the human condition, and even Americans are susceptible to it. There's nothing inherently wrong with pursuing commercial interests. But the myth that the U.N. confers "legitimacy" allows countries like France and Russia to dress up their venality in a cloak of piety. Let us hope that their brazenness backfires.
Taranto rocks.
And speaking of Marines, Ken Layne has some excellent advice on how to choose a barber shop:
Anyway, when in doubt, go to the barber shop closest to your local military base ... unless that base houses Marines, in which case you may just want to leave your hair as is.
This, of course, is advice for people who are smart enough to go to a barber shop in the first place. Then at least you have soembody else to blame...
Leave it to the Marines to come up with such a creative way to avoid eating MREs. (Via Clayton Cramer)
Lileks has a particularly good Bleat today. Enjoy. (Via InstaPundit)

Thursday, April 17, 2003

You know, I sometimes feel like a total idiot for expecting people to make sense. Take this case, for example.

The solution is simple. Get a different job. That's what I had to do after I got hurt in the Navy, because I was not physically capable of going back to my previous job, which was in retail management. I didn't figure it was fair to me or my potential employer to put myself in a position where I could be a liability to the company, and I switched fields. Simple, right?

Maybe this gentleman can fry burgers with the best of them. Being overweight does not mean you are not competent, being overweight does not necessarily mean that you aren't light on your feet or can't move as quickly as someone who isn't. Maybe this guy would really be a good employee. And if that is true, he should not be denied a job simply because of his weight.

But is it likely that his obesity is the whole story? I find that hard to believe, for the following reason: it is in the best interests of any company to hire the best people it can find. And if they don't, you don't want to work for the idiots anyway. Obviously, for whatever reason, they felt that they could hire somebody who could do the job better. And that is their right. The ADA doesn't say a damn thing about being entitled to a job, and the courts so far seem to realize that.

It would seem that he is bearing out their judgement by suing. Would you hire this guy? I wouldn't, and not because of his weight, but because instead of doing something constructive, like finding a different job, he is spending his time and effort hollering, "It's not fair!"

Guess what, life ain't.

(Side note: Behind the counter at a fast food restaurant there is very little space. Reasonable accomodations do not include wholesale remodeling of the workspace. If size really is the issue here, I doubt the ADA is going to help.)

(Side note, mark II: I am not yet officially "disabled"--I am still waiting for the letter from the VA. But I did receive a disability discharge from the Navy. I've worked pretty hard to deal with the difficulties that my physical condition sometimes causes. And I would never, never work for someone who didn't want to hire me because of it. There's a big economy out there, and I'd rather be dipped in boiling oil than work for idiots who think my disability defines me even in a situation where it doesn't.)
Kerry has trouble making sense...this is something we already know. I mean, anyone who thinks that being an anti-war veteran means he's a deep thinker who deserves to be President is clearly not firing on all cylinders. But that doesn't make him any less entertaining. Check out this post from Eugene Volokh, and go read the article he links to.
This is being linked all over the place now, but I saw it here first, so click. Nice dress.
There were some sane people in Frisco...but apparently they all moved away. (Via Jeff Jarvis)
Jeff Jarvis is one of a kind. Check out this post about a journalist who aided the soldiers he was with, and who makes a pre-emptive verbal strike against those who claim that he is biased because of it. Can't really blame the guy for being defensive, can we? I mean, there are actually freaks out there who would criticize him for not letting our boys get their asses shot off while he watched...or got his ass shot off right along with them. I'm sure CNN is horrified.
Bitter Sanity predicts the next museum meme, and is no doubt correct. Is it still being cynical if that's really the way things are?

Sometimes some corners of the blogosphere reminds me of nothing so much as a great big game of telephone...except that instead of losing things in the translation, things that are wrong to begin with get endlessly repeated. (Corners of the 'sphere? Hell, I had to do something to follow up squaring the circle...) This seems to be the way journalism in general frequently works, though...

And bloggers police each other with a fair amount of efficiency. At least the intellectually honest ones do, while big media fact checkers often seem to be anything but. Food for thought.

(Via InstaPundit)
Best of the Web has some truly choice morsels today...I was going to excerpt but had trouble choosing. Just be sure you scroll all the way down...there's a treat at the bottom. And go read this, too, while you're at it.

Californians are such wimps in comparison. Although I do have to say that I smoked in a bar in Cali not too long ago...
You know you're blogging too much when your date for Saturday night cancels again and you figure that will give you time to do the dishes and blog and you get all excited.

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

And on that note, goodnight.
I'm starting to think that The Guardian's mission really is to take all of the joy out of our lives...they are reporting that Baghdad Bob may have killed himself.

Of course, that would make good sense, since there were no American infidels in Baghdad to do it for him.

(Via Rand Simberg)
I couldn't resist this one: USA on borrowed time!
John Cole gets to the heart of the matter. Money quote:
Only in the fantasyland that is the core of Democrat support could 75% approval ratings be spun negatively. But, since Kos is curious, I will answer his question- why aren't Bush's numbers higher?

Because about 20% of the population would be incapable of saying anything good about Bush if he was able to turn water into wine, if his sweat could be used as a cure for cancer, and if he was able to solve aids, racism, give white people rhythym, provide universal health care and child support, all while balancing the budget solely on the taxes of the rich and corrupt robber barons like Enron.
If you haven't discovered this one yet, go check out Amish Tech Support.
Who gives a shit, part III: I followed a link from the first comment to this Jeff Jarvis post and discovered a nest of people who seem to think that the museum was looted by somebody other than the Ba'athists, that the US military could have stopped it, and that Mr. Rumsfeld is to be held personally responsible. In a fit of sick fascination, I read most of it. I didn't leave a comment myself, for I would no doubt have been disemvowelled. (They remove the vowels from posts that are deemed to be uncivil.) The really ugly stuff I'll leave for the reader to discover, if he or she is so inclined.

There was actually an interesting discussion of whether or not we had violated the Geneva Convention by failing to keep order. The dissenter was someone who had been abused for not providing his e-mail address. But he didn't get disemvowelled. Amazingly. I'd link directly, with kudos for Jackie D., but the context is priceless.

And of course, Mr. Jarvis himself has a sane perspective and a great quote from General Brooks. You don't have to follow the links and read the wackos, but read Jeff's post.

Who gives a shit?, part II: Bill Clinton speaks out.
I'm just going to go ahead and steal Charles Johnson's headline for this one: Peace Creeps Find New Low. As well I should; the link is to his post, because you'll want to look at the comments, not what he links to. I haven't looked at it myself. But the whole idea reeks worse than New Orleans in the summertime. This really shouldn't be surprising, but then, up until a few weeks ago, I counted a few lefties as friends, never realizing the utter rot at the heart of their character.

Not that I have an opinion or anything.
And in the "who gives a shit?" category today, we have Iran trying to act tough. Go right on ahead, guys. Be macho. It won't help you, but if it makes you feel better, enjoy. Just don't act surprised if you wind up with a JDAM up your ass.
Why isn't everybody outraged by these people?

This story is several weeks old; I wonder what he wants to do now?
If for some reason you haven't been reading or watching Neil Cavuto, you are missing out. Check out his latest dose of Common Sense.
Maybe there's something in the air there...the NYC city council is apparently even crazier than the mayor.

Makes a nice match with this story. And I thought Cali was nuts. If these guys keep it up, we won't be the head pecan any more.
Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by
stupidity. -Hanlon's Razor

Shamelessly lifted from the A.Word.A.Day newsletter.

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Ok, one more: just click. Then compare to Cali, or the rest of the bushel of pecans, and think a while.

That's really it. I must be done if I'm referring to the weird-law states as a bushel of pecans. Though it does sound better than bunch of nuts...hey, that's what an English degree is for, right? I have to get some kind of use out of it...

I have but scratched the surface of the goodies, but my sheets are calling to me. I hate it when they do that...I'm afraid someone will hear them.
Look, Dad, Mr. Den Beste stole your line. Are you sure you don't want a blog of your own? Just last week you were talking about all the crap the 4th Infantry Division was going to take for missing the fun...
Ok, ok, I've just been dying to say this since I thought of it in the shower this morning: I'm hot for Treacher.
My Dad put me onto the story about Franklin Graham preaching at the Good Friday services at the Pentagon. Here's a link at LGF that has a link to an article, and a little more.

Oh, and here's another LGF link, this one to a bit about John Howard. Worth reading...he's even more bold than Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair.
The Volokh Conspiracy has picked up the salute debate noted below. There are several posts relating to it, including a bit of ranting about the length of the CINC provision...just go scroll. Check out this wacky law while you're there...this is even worse than Cali, something that doesn't happen very often.

And follow this link to a very very funny bit: What Economists Do. (Via David Post at the Conspiracy).

You know you've lived in Cali too long when you get excited about gas prices going under $2 a gallon. I was thrilled today when I paid $1.99, and filled my tank for under $30.
I don't know how I managed to miss this Scrappleface post for two whole days. One of these days I'll wind up in a straightjacket when I can't stop laughing at one of these.
Blogging is bad for my blood pressure...if I don't post all day I start to feel guilty. I'd rather blog than sleep...I should be in bed already. Tomorrow's only Wednesday. But there's so much to do!

Monday, April 14, 2003

One last thought, then I'm giving up for the night...I worked hard this weekend around the house and had a marathon day at work, so I'm beat. Hopefully tomorrow will be more peaceful and I can get caught up a little. But for now, go read Jeff Jarvis's post on how we'll know the war is over. And don't forget to scroll.
There is quite the conversation going on over at One Hand Clapping over whether or not the President should return salutes. Seems there's a gentleman over at the NY Times who just can't abide the practice. Go check it out..Mr. Sensing has a link to the op-ed, and plenty of comments. I have no idea what the protocol should be, but I can tell you that if I had ever been so lucky to be in a position to salute our current Commander in Chief, I would have been thrilled if he'd returned it. (Wow. Now that's some heavy use of the subjunctive.)

I have to admit that I'm among the crowd who got nauseated watching Clinton do this. But coming from Mr. Bush, it would seem to be a gesture of respect.
OMG, I am so proud that Fresno can claim Victor Davis Hanson as her own. Check out his latest column at NRO. I have to confess that I'm a lazy girl who never picks up the VDH links herself, now that he's a celebrity and I can count on finding him via InstaPundit.
More California craziness, in Santa Cruz, this time. What they hope to accomplish is beyond the ken of rational folk. Check out the article from the Chronicle, too...(Via The Center For Consumer Freedom).
Ok, I happen to think that all of these smoking bans are the height of silliness, especially as promulgated by the weird law kings (California, Florida, and New York City). But this is ridiculous.

It's not the ban, people, it's challenging a person in a bar (who has, I presume, been drinking) about their behavior, and that's not a safe occupation. As much as I'd like someone to put a stop to this thing and wipe that smug little smile off of Bloomberg's face, it's not fair to blame the ban for the murder.
This ought to make Mark happy. He's on the USS Constellation and, I'm sure, eager to get home to his woman.

Hell, this ought to make a whole lot of people happy.
This idea is almost too cute for its own good, but I'm not sure it's a bad one.

I'm not sure it's a good one, either. We seem to be having trouble as a culture with cause and effect, and this might well muddy the waters further instead of helping them to clear.

April 15 has a logic to it that is tied to the calendar-year tax structure. God knows if I had until November I'd never find the paperwork! And I don't think it's worth the complication of changing the tax year.

But it's worth contemplating...if only to remind everyone that there is a connection. Of course, I live in California, where somebody will immediately scream that they want to pay to save the homosexual wombats, and the point immediately lost. So excuse my cynicism. Folks 'round these parts seem to think that their tax dollars should provide for their personal cause of the week, not little silly stuff like the national defense. So I'm in no hurry to remind them that those are their dollars...