Thursday, May 01, 2003

And I'm afraid that's it for me until (possibly) Sunday night. I'm headed to San Diego to visit an old friend I was stationed with once upon a time. I was thinking of dragging the laptop with me, but I've decided against it...I think it might just be healthy to take a break for a few days, have some beers, and get ready for the next round.

See you next week.
Here is your InstaPundit post of the day. Oh, and this one; I actually got moderately angry about this, but I don't have time to blog any worthwhile thoughts on it tonight. Luckily, there are others out there who have better schedules at the moment to take up the slack. This is one of the things I love best about the blogosphere...even if inconsistency is one of John Hawkins's three deadly sins of blogging.

Really, this just happens to be a particularly bad week for me. Great thing is, I found out today that my extra workload was real, not just me being disorganized. My company had its biggest month ever in April. Yoo-hoo!

(Hawkins via Amish Tech Support)

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

I'm spending less time working on this than I really want to, but all in a good cause--I have my DSL connection working. The small collection of posts below is a testament to how long it took me to do so. I have to say, though, that all in all it was pretty easy, and the tech support was free.

I can't possibly quit without a closing link: Jeff Jarvis has a wonderful quote from SECDEF. Read, smile, and have a good night.
I am the USA--which country of the world are you?

Brought to you by Quizilla via John Cole.
More proof that the UN is irrelevant--like we needed any more.
Careful with this Dean Esmay piece if you have a weak stomach. All the more reason to read. The subject is genocide, the group in question the Armenians. We here in Fresno are very aware of what happened there, and it is good to see someone highlight it. Dean provides images, hence the warning.

Sometimes I fear that we will (or have) seen such images too often, and that they are losing their horror through overexposure. I don't know if that perception is correct, but somehow looking at these today, they struck me as more horrifying than ever. I don't really have anything to add to that observation...maybe I'm a little slow, but these things make me sad and thoughtful as often as angry, because I don't know that we can ever entirely put an end to this sort of thing. It seems to be hardwired into the human beast, somehow. I pray that I'm wrong about that, too.

Read the comments, as well.
Stephen Green made this post by Jane Galt his required reading today--for good reason. Highly recommended.

While you're visiting Mr. Green, check out this post.
I am way, way overdue in blogging this, but go visit Dr. Frank and download "democracy, whisky, sexy." Scroll down and you'll find a post with the lyrics on 24 April. I would give you a permalink, but they're suffering from blogspot syndrome again.
Tiger was kind enough to add me to his go visit! Now! And note that I have added him to my links at left. I haven't had a chance to read his blog too thoroughly, but it looks like he has some interesting links.

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

I know my posting has been pretty erratic, and unfortunately it probably won't improve until next week. I'm so damn busy that I'm blogging an apology for not blogging at 9 PM--as a break from work. In the meantime, Scott Ott has been on a roll at ScrappleFace, the Slutpublican campaign is shaping up over at A Small Victory, and there is a great discussion on how to get linked at The Truth Laid Bear (via Amish Tech Support). Or visit some of the folks I've got linked at left. You'll be glad you did.

BTW, my favorite recent post of my own here. A bit vitriolic, maybe even over-the-top, but what the hell. Bits of it are even funny. And yes, if you support terrorism, you, too, are a terrorist in my book. End secondary rant.
Via InstaPundit, a ray of hope: the Americans are trying to liberate Berkeley.
I will be making good use of this word, now that I have it in my arsenal:
eristic (i-RIS-tik) adjective

Characterized by controversy or disputes.


1. One who engages in arguments or disputes; a controversialist.

2. The art of disputation.

[From Greek eristikos, from erizein (to wrangle), from eris (strife).
Eris was the goddess of discord in Greek mythology. The Romans called
her Discordia.]
I stole this shamelessly from Wordsmith's "A Word A Day" newsletter. A site definitely worth checking out. Go.
Damn, I lived in Pensacola, Florida for two years and never heard of an earthquake in Alabama. Maybe it is a good thing I moved.


Monday, April 28, 2003

This caught my eye a few days ago, and it's been on my "to blog" list ever since. I mean, really--how could anyone resist an article entitled Secession! when you've come across it in the San Francisco Chronicle?

To wit:
"Berkeley isn't America, and neither is San Francisco or Oakland," a second German added.
Out of the mouths of the Germans of Berkeley. What an astute observation.
A recent Field Poll notwithstanding, the people of the Bay Area seem more deeply opposed to the war on Iraq than anywhere else in the United States. Elsewhere in the country -- say, in New York City or Washington, D.C. -- critics of our government strive to be viewed as "responsible." In the Bay Area, dissenters are idealistic, stubborn, unpredictable -- and often seem irresponsible to the rest of the nation. Remember the vomit protest earlier this month? In Bay Area terms, it was an example of inspired street theater, but the rest of the country saw it as completely weird.
Uh, yeah. It's a little weird to vomit on things to make a point. The rest of us get by with words. Besides, I don't trust anyone who doesn't hate to vomit so much that they would never do such a thing. Should these people be in treatment for an eating disorder?
No one is listening to people in the Bay Area. No one ever listens, actually.
Maybe they're afraid someone will vomit on them if they get too close.

But Mr. Zachary has the perfect solution:
I wish to propose an immodest remedy for this sorry situation: We, the people of the Bay Area, need to leave the United States. We are held prisoner by a foreign power, colonized by an alien civilization. We require cultural and social self-determination. We demand, in short, a declaration of independence -- and our own nation.
And we will provide you with the quill and parchment. Trust me on this. Ask and ye shall receive.
Few in others parts of America would mourn the loss of the Bay Area. The Republicans might even cheer, realizing that winning the state of California in the next election might be possible -- without the voters of San Francisco and the East Bay. It is easy to imagine Karl Rove, Bush's domestic guru, gleefully calculating his boss' chance for victory in a Golden State minus the Bay Area -- and then cheering its departure from the United States.
Hey, how did he get access to my wildest fantasies? I thought I had those hidden under my mattress. My God, maybe we could even get the power back on out here...
In U.S. history, preservation of "the Union" has long been presented as virtually a religious necessity. Our greatest national myth remains the inevitable rightness of the Northern victory in the Civil War.
If you define "national" as everywhere but the South, where the debate lives on.

The kicker:
And while the Bush administration would insist that the nation desist from harboring any terrorists, we would never do so -- if only to avoid antagonizing the giant on our borders.
That last sentence alone is enough reason to cut them loose. What an ugly implication. I would think that "so peace-loving we make ourselves puke" types would naturally try to keep the "so pissed off we blow ourselves up" types out of town.

But "if only to avoid antagonizing the giant on our borders"? What, and you would harbor them if you weren't so scared of big bad America? Of course you would. You harbor them now. You harbor them in the bodies of your protesters, who hate America and what it stands for. You take pride in having a sizeable percentage of your population who desire not to be heard, but to damage the government in wartime. You harbor them in the hearts of people who believe we are evil for having given 24 million more people in this world the right to dissent without being shot for their trouble.

Go, I say. Go now. And we'll take in your refugees and slam the electrified gate behind you.
I was looking for a title for the blog...something more lively, you know, and I typed "Amish Jedi" into Google and found this. Mildly cute.

UPDATE: I've settled on a new title...finally! I never really considered working the word "amish" into it, you know. I'd feel like I was stepping on Laurence's toes.

Sunday, April 27, 2003

If you were wondering what kept me so occupied I didn't blog all weekend, the answer is here. Every now and again, you just have to curl up with a book.
I am quite proud of having got a Site Meter put onto the page tonight, and I am afraid that is likely to be the extent of my triumphs for this evening. I promise I'll quit tinkering with the template for a day or two and actually post. Well, I'll try to restrain myself, anyway.