Friday, May 30, 2003

I had all of these wonderful plans to check my e-mail and maybe even put up a post or three tonight, but my travel plans for the weekend have been altered, and I must run out the door in approximately 30 seconds and head for L.A. Should be back Sunday. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 29, 2003

On the other hand, perhaps Venomous Kate has a good point. I have friends who don't know when to shut up, even when I've told them I don't want to hear about something. I can only imagine how crazy it must be to get that shit from people you don't even know. And I don't know about you, but I have a much more difficult time getting rid of people I don't know. I can tell a friend to shut the fuck up, and they'll generally laugh and change the subject. When confronted with, say, a salesperson I don't want to talk to, I can't seem to do it. It took me years to start hanging up the phone on telemarketers. A couple of credit cards and a charitable contribution or two later, it's starting to come naturally. Perhaps this is the Venomous One's way of saying that she wants you to put her on your "do not call" list if all you want is to sell her some crappy credit protection plan that will turn out not to cover you when you really need it.

That said, and perhaps because I have not yet been in those shoes, I'd love to hear from any reader who has the energy to type that ridiculous e-mail address into a To: line.

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

The post immediately preceding this one was triggered by a lack of understanding by a Fresno native, but connectedness seems to be a theme that's going around the corner of the blogosphere I keep an eye on. First, there was the fire at Hosting Matters, which caused withdrawl symptoms across the blogosphere. Worst case award goes to Glenn Reynolds, who was blogging at InstaBackup.

And then there's the whole Venomous Kate doesn't want your e-mail thing, which I picked up on when Michele disagreed. All I can say is that I'd love to have VK's problems. I'm working hard toward someday having a readership big enough that they stand a chance of annoying me. I am, as you could no doubt predict, on Michele's side on this one. And she said much of what I was thinking much better than I could.

I'm blogging for the love of it, folks. This is highly unlikely to ever bring me fame or fortune. If it brings me in contact with some people who care enough about what I've written to respond in some way, that will be a reward in and of itself.

Actually, VK's advice reminds me a lot of the advice I got in a creative writing program once upon a time. The sum of it was that one should never attempt to get attention by doing anything that would attract attention, the theory apparently being that actually making contact with people would annoy them into making sure you would never succeed. As a result, most of us were too scared to even try.

I'm dying to write something pointed, like Ravenwood did, but I took out all my anger at work today. I wonder if Acidman gives anger maintenance lessons...

Maybe I should e-mail him and find out.
It occurred to me today that I really, truly miss the South.

I was trying to explain to a friend of mine that I used to know all my neighbors. Not California style, where you might know what the person who lives next door to you looks like, but Southern style, where you know all about their family and friends, and where that scratch on the hood of their car came from. Some of them were a pain in the ass, true. But that's part of family, and we were a little family. One guy liked to talk religion until he was red in the face. He went to a Pentecostal church and would come over and smoke cigarettes with me afterward, and we'd talk about judgement. He wanted to find somewhere else to go. They wouldn't let him lead the youth group anymore because they found out he still smoked, even though he didn't do it in front of the kids. He had a habit of cleaning out his freezer at me, which I appreciated because I was dirt poor at the time, and because it was sweet. He moved back to Texas just before I moved back to Cali.

There was another guy who would come banging on my door when he got drunk, waking me up to try to persuade me to sit in his lap. Next door to me for a few months was a sweet young Navy wife from Michigan, whose husband was going through OCS. I would dog-sit for them every now and again. Two doors down was a couple who were polar opposites. He's one of the most talkative people I've ever met. She's very reserved. He loves to golf, and works as a juvenile detention officer. He gave me her old Christmas wrap to lay between the floor of my trailer and my bookcases when I moved, so they wouldn't get scratched up so badly. I protested that wrap is too expensive to use on something so mundane, and he said they'd buy new anyway, they always did no matter how much was left from the year before. The bookcases arrived in perfect condition.

We all got home about the same time, and we'd stop and chat almost every night, sometimes until the mosquitos got too thick for even our acclimated hides to stand.

Guy moved in next door to me a month or so before I left. He's a veteran, living on his disability money, and it took me a couple of weeks to meet him, since we kept opposite hours. We caught the edge of a hurricane about then, and when the power going out woke me up at 0430, I went out on my front porch to see what there was to see, since the wind wasn't too strong yet, and it was a beautiful cool morning, the relaltive calm before the storm. He was out on his porch, too, and we talked about the things he'd done in the service, and my job, and storms, and then I gave him my flashlight, since I was going to work and he couldn't find his. Maybe he still has it, wherever he is.

It's all those little connections that make a place a home, and I miss the hell out of it.
See the things that blogging leads to? I was visiting the aforementioned Carnival and noted that Drumwaster would be hosting next week, and I went there to wander 'round the blog, just for the fun of it, you know? And I scrolled on down the sidebar and found a teeny little section titled "On-Line Games" and the next thing you know, 45 minutes have passed while I'm playing Acno's Energizer. And no, I won't give you the link...go there to get it. You don't need to be playing this anyway, trust me. Beautifully executed little logic puzzles, and the character so cute that you feel bad when you blow him up, especially when you do it on purpose. Almost as addictive as blogging itself.
The Carnival of the Vanities is up at the newly resurrected Dean's World.
Treacher's got new digs. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about this.

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

John Hawkins explains how news spreads through the blogosphere here.

(Via Arguing with signposts)
I'm wandering around the net in circles, looking for something to get worked up about, but I'm not having much luck. I'm too mellow after the weekend, apparently. Someone else is working on the design for the new site, and I'm trying not to hold my breath waiting to see what it will look like to start. I can't wait to get off blogspot. I'm happy they are here...I may not have taken the plunge if I hadn't had them, but it's time to move on. Location to be announced when the thing is ready to roll.

Back to wandering...
Speaking of aspartame, here's another must-read: the SECDEF has spoken. Need I say more? Go. Read. Now. Free registration may be required. If you let that stop you, you're acting French.
Ravenwood found evidence that there are a few celebrities with class left. Bravo, Mr. Hoffman.
Another unimpressive study that will immediately alter the behavior of thousands of doctors and affect the lives of millions of women based on a statistical extrapolation from a very small sample. This time, they're saying that hormone supplementation for post-menopausal women increases the risk of Alzheimer's and other dementias. If it doesn't kill you first.

Honestly, I don't worry too much about any study. Butter, Parkay, butter, Parkay, you know? I smoke, I eat red meat, I drink. I consume soft drinks made with aspartame. And one of the things on that short little list has already been declared good for you again.

As Dean Esmay has pointed out recently, in 50 years we'll all be smoking again anyway, since medical science will have solved the whole it kills you problem.

This is also why I avoid doctors. I see one once a year, as any smart woman does, and even then I'd probably be dumb if they weren't holding my prescription hostage. If I have something well defined and normally easy to fix, I'll go. Strep throat, a bad sinus infection, stuff like that, you know? Otherwise, no.

They're shooting in the dark on a lot of things, folks. That's why the studies are always being contradicted by other studies. The human animal is a damned complex creature, and they don't know as much as they'd have us believe they do.

Two and a half years now, and I'm finally losing the limp that proves my point.
Must read: David Carr on the EU constitution and the comments following.

I have such a hard time believing that the man who stood beside us in defiance of the UN just a few months ago really still thinks that the EU is something Britain should be a part of. It would be a tragedy if they actually go through with this.

Go read. The best comment I could make is "what he said."

Monday, May 26, 2003

One more thing: if you are lucky enough to have the day off today, as I do, stop for a moment and think about why. If you're working in a retail store and wish all of the sons of bitches who do have the day off would go home, remember why you're getting holiday pay today. And if you're still running around trying to convince people the President of the United States is one of the bad guys, remember those who died so that you could be an asshole without fear of government retribution.

That is all.
I'm working on fixing up the house this weekend, trying to get the thing squared away a little more since I will be gone most of next weekend. I am also preparing to move this work in progress to a new site, hopefully sometime next week. Hence the very light posting.

To all of you looking for the link to the video of the poor kid doing his Jedi routine, it's in the sidebar. I'd love it if you'd stick around long enough to make me feel like you love me for more than that, but what the hell. It's your browser...browse as you see fit.

I'm fixing to go clean up the kitchen before I put the latest furniture additions together. Then it's laundry, groceries, fun fun fun.